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JustKiddingFilms | 09.22.11


JustKiddingFilms | 09.22.11

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AJ Rafael | “Good music will transcend no matter what.”

Authentic. That’s the one word that comes to mind when you think of AJ Rafael. AJ, a musician who is known for his autobiographical songs as well as his candid nature, came onto the online music scene first with MySpace then YouTube. Since his start, he has released a full-length album and worked with non-profits such as Autism Speaks. AJ was kind enough to invite us to his home for a quick chat and a game of Ultimate Frisbee; read on to learn more about his love for music and the journey he’s taken so far.


JustKiddingFilms | “To be fearless is the only true way to express yourself.”

What do you get when OA dines at the fabulous JJ’s in Monterey Park with the masterminds powering JustKiddingFilms?  A rowdy table shouting answers to interview questions and cracking jokes into an iPad chilling on a table next to a dish of bomb Hong Kong food. If you think these guys are funny on camera, they are just as hilarious in person! But never fear, aside from an entertaining interview, these talented individuals shared deep stories regarding their upbringing and the underlying message behind their videos. Read on as OA shares one of their funnest interviews, as well as pictures from the silly photo-shoot they had after!


Jennifer Chung | “Know that the fact that you’re different is beautiful, and you’re going to offer something that no one else can offer.”

Talented, down-to-earth, and bubbly. These are the general adjectives that come to mind whenever someone meets Jennifer Chung for the first time. It’s inspring to think that a simple girl publishing YouTube videos for her friends in a college dorm would eventually become a voice to the Youtube generation. Who would’ve known right? She has been able to engage an audience all over the world using her raw lyrics and powerful vocals balancing the whole shabang of student life –classes, loans, late night study sessions, part-time jobs.  Now with school out of the way, she is now settling in with her new life in Los Angeles, with a debut album releasing VERY soon! Join OA as we sit down with Jennifer and she shares her experience as a pioneer in new media, her feelings about her video featured on New Yorks Time’s Square, and her development as an artist.

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David Choi | “Work hard. Be good. Don’t burn too many bridges and just have fun”

“A melody is like a woman in a bar that you are instantly attracted to – the part that hooks you. The lyrics are what make you fall in love with that person.” As eloquently as Judy Stakee describes music, David Choi puts it into practice. The grandfather of YouTube and the unofficial spokesperson for Chick-Fil-A, Mr. Choi has the one-of-a-kind combination of exceptional musical talent, tenacity, modesty, effortless humor, and the ability to sing about a girl picking her nose and make us fall in love with her. It certainly helps that he’s not afraid to show off his endearing idiosyncrasies, and no matter how much he doesn’t smile, he leaves us grinning from ear to ear. From not having heard his first pop song until the 6th grade (Smashmouth’s “All Star” remember?!) to becoming one of the most beloved musicians on YouTube with television, film, and international acclaim, David still remains unassuming, humble, and treats each and every single person—Hollywood celebrity to high school fan—with the same respect and kindness. And if Clara C took home the Most Epic Interview trophy, guess who hands-down wins Most Epic Photoshoot? Prepare to be dazzled by 3 items underwater: a guitar, Melly Lee’s Canon 5D Mark II, and the David Choi.


Clara C | “I think anyone can do anything—you just have to put in the hours, labor, and elbow grease.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the newest titleholder for longest OA interview ever: Clara C, a walking ball of sunshine. Seven epic hours of dirty jokes, mountain-rock-tree-climbing, a planking photographer, losing our way in the dark, followed by a reenactment of 127 Hours, topped off with celebratory sushi for making it out alive. This lovably quirky singer-songwriter boasts a voice that would make an angel jealous and is the definition of “downess”—down to be adventurous, all the while keeping it classy. Sold-out album, nonstop touring, teaching as a behavior technician for autistic kids, winning first place in everything—all in less than one handful of years. We’ll see you at the Staples Center in no time Clara!


Jimmy Wong | “Never stop working. If you’re doing something you love, then it shouldn’t be a problem. “

Just a typical day in the life of OA: ziplining [and crashing] through our interviewee’s studio. Yes, you read correctly. There is a zipline inside Jimmy Wong’s headquarters where all the magic you see on YouTube happens. That’s just how he gets the creative juices flowing—ziplines, Totoros, and Smash Brothers. This singer-songwriter-actor and recent winner of YouTube’s NextUp contest is best known for his exceptionally clever love song response to Alexander Wallace. That, however, just scratches the surface of this brilliant all-around artist who not only posts covers that often put the original artists to shame, but boasts equally creative original content in the form of songs and skits…and a few big surprises in the near future. His secret to success? Don’t ever get realistic. That, and memorizing pi to the 30th digit.


Lindsey Yung | “Whatever Brings You To Life – Chase It”

You know someone was born to sing when they are the loudest crying newborn in the whole hospital. That little badass is now an award-winning, full-fledged artist preparing for this year’s Kollaboration Acoustic, where she will debut her most compelling song yet, “Meant to Sing.” Lindsey Yung is a San Diego native, with a voice of haunting beauty, grace, and truth. But despite her brilliant talent, she remains one of the most genuine, humble, and charming artists in this industry. Lindsey also presents a new perspective on OA: you can also pursue your passion with a balance: her stable, part-time nurse practitioner career still allows her to dive into music 40 hours per week…and occasionally swim with the sea turtles in Maui.


Natalise | “Music is something I can’t live without. If I don’t have it, it makes me depressed”

Meet Natalise. She’s one of those individuals who seem like they can do anything. Her work ethic includes finishing papers the day they were assigned…at Stanford University. This singer-songwriter is a pioneer of Asian Americans in the entertainment industry. Her music has been featured on hit radio stations including Wild 94.9 as well as hit MTV shows. Join OA as we chat with Natalise about music, nerds, and heartbreak over gelato.


Jane Lui | “When you’re doing the thing you love you end up having a lot more endurance.”

Go see an artist live, and expect to hear them perform, then you clap. Go see Jane live, and don’t expect a performance. Instead, you’ll feel like you’ve known Jane since you were in diapers, and the two of you are hanging out in her room as she shares stories and music. The level of comfort you feel in Jane’s presence and her ability to connect with an audience is astounding. Born and raised in Hong Kong, surviving the culture shock of moving to the U.S. at age 12, and starting her solo career in 2004, Jane boasts a Best Recording Nomination for the 2008 San Diego Music Awards and was a featured artist on YouTube on 2009. This 2008 Kollaboration winner has not rested a day, and for good reason—she successfully raised $11,600 from fans for her third album, Goodnight Company, showcasing another round of chills-inducing beauty and, of course, quirkiness. But what’s more, we witness Jane’s personal growth. Join OA as Jane shares never-before-told stories of her eventful life, the reason for a 10-year silence between her and her father, and in her own words, how she has grown into “a joyful and life-loving person.” Well said, Jane.


Andrew Fung aka INGLISH | “For the music we make, it helps to be honest, real and humorous.”

Sick beats, eloquent words, and witty humor comes standard with the package of this Seattle comedian-rapper. The icing on the cake is his ability to make social commentary sexy, covering every issue from the AZN Pride era of xxAZNballaxx and cutieAZNpriNc3ss screen names to the remarkable headway we’ve made into pop culture since then. Say hello to Andrew Fung, aka Inglish. Using the springboard of social media, Andrew has graced us with rhyme after badass rhyme, including Still Got Rice, the spot-on update and clever remake to the infamous Got Rice. In fact, he and his rap group Model Minority have been doing enough damage to catch the attention of the LA Times And Andrew doesn’t stop there. He and his brother David made the brave trek to the city of dreamers and doers just two weeks ago, and you can find them already killing it at open mics. Welcome to Los Angeles Andrew.


Gerald Ko | “Be disciplined & spend a lot of time doing what you want to do”

If you’ve been to the San Gabriel valley area there’s this place called Half & Half Tea House that serves amazing honey boba that melts in your mouth!  During one of  our boba runs, the OA team met up with Gerald Ko also know as singindork888 on Youtube.  Gerald is one of those multi-talented guys who writes, sings and plays original songs.  In addition to making time to collaborate with other Asian American talents like Arden ChoClara C and Jasmine Rafael.  We broke bread (or rather bricktoast) over how at a young age music was always a constant in his life, whether it be through singing or playing instruments.  Oh  did we mention Gerald is also a full time pharmacist by day?


Dawen | “Music is the ultimate media. It can be anything; it can be any mood.”

What five-letter word evokes a hard-to-achieve combination of intellect, good taste, and humor? If you didn’t already know, oh, you will: Dawen is synonymous to classy—right down to the wine he was sipping on a Saturday morning. Let’s not even begin to rave about the oval-shaped burger he recommended at Father’s House in Culver City, because we’ll never stop. Join TheOtherAsians in this enriching interview with Dawen as he gives OAer Julie Zhan a taste of his signature candid, no beating-around-the-bush views on social issues, especially pertaining to Asian Americans. It certainly helps that he has a voice so smooth it even made Macy Gray melt, and combined with his soulful melodies, good luck not dropping everything you’re doing to listen to what he has to say.


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